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Mariner 25EFI - 30EFI

No longer will boaters feel let down by the lack of features on smaller engines because these recently introduced Mariner FourStrokes set new standards for the class. Thanks to the application of new technology, the 25 and 30 EFI are considerably lighter than their predecessors, thereby providing better boat balance and improving handling. With electronic fuel injection providing smoother, cleaner running, these pioneering new small engines also offer improved torque and outstanding fuel economy. As you would expect of Mariner, the pioneering application of EFI in this class brings with it further improved reliability and reduced maintenance, both founded on testing of bigger models. 

  • Water cooled fuel cooler minimizes vapor lock and hot fuel issues.

  • Multi-function tiller handle controls shift, stop, throttle, throttle friction and steering for one hand operation.

  • Inherent FourStroke characteristics include quiet, smooth operation and exceptional idling.

  • Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply.* 

  • Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

  • Two-year limited commercial warranty.+

  • Sequential EFI independently calibrates the exact amount of fuel needed by each cylinder, for unmatched smoothness, turn-key starting and instananeous throttle response.

  • All models come as standard with a 15 amp / 186 watt alternator. 

  • A warning lamp with audio warns the operator of over-rev, low oil pressure or over heat.

  • All electric start models feature a manual recoil starter for peace of mind and safety in case of a drained battery.

  • Manual start models feature a 6 amp / 76 watt alternator to keep batteries properly charged.

  • Manual recoil starter, even on electric start models. 

* Terms & conditions apply.

+ 2 Year Government/Commercial warranty. Terms & conditions apply. May require extra components. i.e. under cowl hour meter. 

Why Choose Mariner?

Powerful 3 Cylinder Design
  • Provides better inherent balance for smoother overall operation than a twin cylinder requiring a counter balance.

Lightweight Design
  • At 71kg the manual start 25hp EFI is the lightest in its class.

  • At 78kg the manual start 30hp EFI is the lightest in its class.

Multi-Function Tiller Handle
  • Offers one-hand operation and total control over shifting, throttle, steering, engine stop, throttle friction and tilting. 

  • Better manoeuvrability and ease of use.

Industry-Leading Battery Free EFI
  • Turn-key starting and a quicker throttle response with no carburettors to gum up. Also available on rope start models.

  • Dependability and efficiency.

High Output Alternator
  • 15 amps provides superior battery charging capabilities (electric start).

  • 33% more charging power than Honda (10 amps).

  • 13% more charging power than Yamaha (13 amps).

Additional Features and Benefits


From 71kg it's one of the lightest in its class

Dual water inlets

Insures proper cooling for all key powerhead and gearcase components

Water cooled 

fuel cooler 

Minimises vapour lock and hot fuel issues. 

Offers long term reliability

Can't over-rev the engine. Customer confidence.



No maintenance - quick reliable starts

CD ignition

15 amp alternator

Provides battery charging on demand and allows use of elelctronics and lights


carrying handle

Convenient, balanced transporting, easy to carry

Consumer confidence in low battery cases

Manual or electric


Alerts operator to prevent engine damage

Low oil pressure

warning system

Tiller or remote 


Fits many applications

6 trim positions and 

shallow water drive 

Maximises hull performance

Best in class quiet operations, reduced noise

Tuned cowl induction

F-N-R shift 

Easy manoeuvrability 

Multi function

tiller handle 

On hand - full range of operations

Automatically locks engine in position so the engine doesn't kick up

Automatic reverse lock 

Quiet, smoke free operation

Through prop exhaust

Provides battery charging on demand and allows use of electronics and lights


controlled water cooling

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