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Mariner 15 - 20hp

Bigger isn't always better, as inflatables, tenders and small boats prove with their easy mobility. So, wherever the mood takes you, there's a Mariner FourStroke to suit. The 15 and 20hp models are loaded with typical Mariner features, which translate into smooth, problem-free and economical operation, all with low emissions and terrific fuel-efficiency. Safety, dependability and ease of use as demonstrated by the multi-function tiller handle, are Mariner hallmarks. 

  • Clean and efficient, with plenty of torque to keep the fun.

  • Multi-function tiller handle controls shift, stop, thottle, throttle friction and steering for one hand operation.

  • Inherent FourStroke characteristics include quiet, smooth operation and exceptional idling.

  • Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply.* 

  • Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

  • Two-year limited commercial warranty.+

  • Overhead cam design for quiet and efficient operation.

  • 5 trim positions plus shallow water drive allow easy access to remote areas and better control in shallow waters.

  • Enhanced fuel primer and manual choke deliver instant starts every time.

  • Visual low pressure warning system.

  • Electric start models feature a 6 amp / 76 watt alternator to keep batteries properly charged.

  • Manual recoil starter, even on electric start models.

* Terms & conditions apply.

+ 2 Year Government/Commercial warranty. Terms & conditions apply. May require extra components. i.e. under cowl hour meter. 

Why Choose Mariner?

Lightweight And Compact Design
  • At 351cc, this engine delivers strong low end torque needed to get the hull up on the plane.

  • Quicker throttle response and acceleration.

  • Maximum overall performance and efficiency.

  • Portability for convenient transporting.

Multi-Function Tiller Handle
  • Offers one hand operation and total control over shifting, throttle, steering, engine stop, throttle friction and tilting.

  • Better manoeuvrability and ease of use.

Exclusive Engine Mount
  • Mariner's "wishbone" style motor mount system cradles the powerhead, absorbing the torsional rotation of the crankshaft and isolating any vibration transmission to the hull.

  • Provides smooth overall operation.

Exclusive Fuel Primer & Fast Idle System
  • Better than competitive auto-choke systems that prove too lean for todays changine fuels.

  • Provides fast, easy starting and simple fast idle control.

  • Reliability.

Additional Features and Benefits

Twin cylinder

Lightweight compact design

CD ignition

No maintenance - quick reliable starts

Over-rev protection

Can't over-rev the engine. Consumer confidence

Consumer confidence in low battery cases

Manual or 

electric start

Alerts operator to prevent engine damage

Low oil pressure

warning system


controlled water


Provides battery charging on demand and allows use of electronics and lights

Through prop 


Quiet, smoke free operation

Convenient, balanced transporting, easy to carry


carrying handle 

Provides battery charging on demand and allows use of electronics and lights

12 amp alternator

Multi function

tiller handle 

Throttle and gear operation through twist grip

Backup rope on

electric models

Always start the engine even if the battery is flat

Tiller or remote


Either tiller arm or steering wheel option

6 trim positions and 

shallow water drive

Maximises hull performance

Supply of cooling water at all times

Dual water pick ups

Easy manoeuvrability

F-N-R shift

Automatically locks engine in position so the engine doesn't kick up


reverse lock

Automatic Reverse Lock
  • Hooks automatically engage when shifting to reverse to prevent engine from popping out of the water.

  • No need to remember to operate a seperate lock down lever.

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