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Mariner 60EFI CT

Buying a mid-range Mariner FourStroke means you're buying more because our 50 and 60hp motors also feature proven electronic fuel injection which offers renowned fuel efficiency and smooth, quiet operation. For added durability and push, Command Thrust models feature taller gearcases and 33% larger components. Just the job for bigger boats. These outboards are SmartCraft-ready and are equipped with turn-key starting for fast and reliable ignition. Never has Mariner dependability looked or sounded so good. 

  • Inherent FourStroke characteristics include quiet, smooth operation and exceptional idling.

  • 40% better fuel economy than comparable 2-stroke models.

  • Integral power trim adjusts boat's attitude for improved boat handling under a variety of speeds and water conditions.

  • Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply.* 

  • Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

  • Two-year limited commercial warranty.+

  • EFI models offer turn-key starting and instantaneous throttle response in all types of atmospheric conditions.

  • Low-noise combustion process and sound-dampening cowls for extremely smooth and quiet operation.

  • Designed for strength and durability.

  • Corrosion resistant.

  • Stainless steel driveshaft, shift shaft, prop shaft, water pump housings and power head fasteners. 

  • SmartCraft technology with Engine Guardian System; monitors engine functions and alerts you to possible engine problems.

* Terms & conditions apply.

+ 2 Year Government/Commercial warranty. Terms & conditions apply. May require extra components. i.e. under cowl hour meter. 

Why Choose Mariner?

Large Displacement Four-Cylinder Engine
  • A SOHC and long intake stroke design increases torque output for better acceleration.

  • Performance with smooth quiet overall operation.

High Output Alternator
  • 18 amps provides superior battery charging capability. 

Electronic Fuel Injection EFI
  • Provides turn-key reliable starting, instant throttle response, spectacular fuel economy and lower fuel system maintenance.

  • More dependable, more efficient with more power and lower cost of operation.

Easy Shift Operation
  • New precision engineered shift system delivers smooth shifting for an improved driving experience,

  • Comfort and reliability.

Take It Slow
  • SmartCraft 'Troll Control' feature allows you to set your rpm as low as 700 for trolling. (optional extra)

Command Thrust's Gearcase
  • Locates propeller deeper in the water. The lower position keeps the prop below turbulent water, allowing it to operate in cleaner, less aerated water.

Command Thrust's Propeller
  • Designed with 20% more surface area than competitive props for greater performance.

Command Thrust's Low Gear Ratio
  • The 2.33:1 ratio improves overall thrust and overall efficiency.

Additional Features and Benefits


Delivers information regarding 23 key engine functions from fuel usage, rpm & engine guardian to slow trolling rpm control and even hull information

Power trim / tilt

Allows users to trim the unit for maximum performance / handling & shallow water operation


flushing port 

Rear mounted - flushe salt water and debris out of the engine extending the life of the outboard

Standard models along with big tiller kit option allows rigging for all types of boating applications

Tiller or remote


Convenient oil drain and fill location, along with an automotive style spin-on filter

Easy maintenance

Delivers smooth, quiet effortless shifting

Precision shift system

Maintains battery charge to run electronics, lights and other accessories

18 amp alternator

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