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Mariner 150EFI

Big displacement, combined with the lightest weight and smaller package size means strong, long-lasting performance on light and heavy hulls alike. The 150 maximises your time on the water by making basic maintenance easy to do aand quick to perform by you. The compact and lightweight design means the engine can be mounted on a tight boar transom. It is also flexible enough to accomodate mechanical or hydraulic steering. With 3.0 litre displacement this 4-cylinder SOHC design works less to produce more torque and horsepower, which means exceptional durability and long-term peace of mind. 

  • Largest Displacement, lower stress.

  • Massive torque for powerful acceleration.

  • Large gearcase for low stress and improved lift.

  • Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply.* 

  • Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

  • Two-year limited commercial warranty.+

  • Almost 10kg lighter than nearest FourStroke competitor.

  • The most compact and lowest profile 150 FourStroke.

  • Easy-change fuel filter and easy-drain oil system.

  • Exclusive maintenance-free for life valve train and timing chain.

  • SmartCraft technology with engine guardian system; monitors engine functions and alerts you to possible engine problems.

* Terms & conditions apply.

+ 2 Year Government/Commercial warranty. Terms & conditions apply. May require extra components. i.e. under cowl hour meter. 

Why Choose Mariner?

Lightest & Smallest 150HP Available
  • Mariner's cutting-edge engineering has packed incredible power into a small, light package. It has 18% fewer parts than competitive engines.

  • Durable, compact power.

Highest Displacement In 150HP Class
  • At 3.0 litres this 4-cylinder SOHC design works less to produce more torque and horsepower.

  • Smooth, quiet power.

Class Leading Corrosion Resistance
  • XK 360 low copper alloy and MercFusion paint combine with extensive use of stainless steel for maximum protection.

Low Friction Valve Train SOHC
  • Race proven "Roller Finger Followers" and oversized valves offer a less complex design. 

  • Maintenance-free valve train.

Performance-Tuned Scroll Intake Manifold
  • Long intake runner ensures maximum efficiency, resulting in top performance.

  • Responsive power.

Best In Class Battery Charging System
  • Mariner's belt driven, "on demand" alternator produces less heat over competitive magneto systems and only provides power when needed. 

  • 60 amp alternator produces a net charge of 30 amps at low speeds and 46 amps above 3000 rpm.

Additional Features and Benefits

Multi-port EFI

Reliable starts and dependable performance


management system

Balancer shafts ensure low transmitted vibration and the focused mounts mean smooth overall operation.

11" rotated


Advanced engineering provides a narrow profile design, delivering smooth performance

Quiet operation makes it easy to converse

Idle exhaust

relief (sound)

Efficient engine performance

Power flow exhaust

Fresh water flush

Flush with engine running at idle speed or turned off

SmartCraft digital or analog compatible instrumentation

Operator kept conveniently updated on critical engine functions with this engine management system

Inner liners redirect any water entering through the rear air intakes down to exit through a pair of drain holes in the rear side area. Powerhead stays dry

Top cowl "water seperating baffle" system

A durable 4.9 inch torpedo and low 1.92:1 gear ratio means less drag for improved performance


hydrodynamic gearcase

Power steering, convenient up-front shift & power trim switch - all for precise comfortable control

Optional big tiller handle kit 

Automotive-like ease of steering, precise, responsive boat control & handling with no undesirable steering torque

Optional Mariner power steering (for dual engines)

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